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Something new. Something different.


A new brand identity for latest venture by Manfredi

Brand and Communications

We’ve created a new brand for long-term clients, Manfredi and their latest restaurant venture at The Star in Sydney.


We were asked to develop and implement a new brand identity that would be integrated across visual signage, menus, uniforms and all other restaurant ephemera for this new venture.


Vision and Creative

The Manfredi vision was to have this restaurant as a place that is accessible to all and reflective of Italian hospitality, inviting everyone around the family table to enjoy good food and wine. The name PizzAperta is adapted from the Italian ‘aperta’ which translates as ‘open’. The brand echoes the word ‘pizzeria’, it is easy to pronounce and refers to an open, outdoor experience that is accessible to all. The new brand name is ownable for the organisation and the integration of the Italian language creates authenticity harking back to the Manfredi family’s ancestry and culture. Furthermore, the brand identity has been developed around the vision and philosophy of the new dining experience, rather than the product alone.

The identity is designed around the concept of openness and is represented through the use of a stencil typeface with no closed spaces. The word mark is made up of small common forms and shapes that become the ingredients of the brand, and when rearranged form the circular graphic pizza emblem. The bold, classic logo works with a visual system and colour palette that is reduced to black and white, designed specifically to contrast and compliment the timber, marble, and textiles of the restaurant’s interior design, integrating seamlessly with the existing Manfredi brands.



The result is a new brand identity for Manfredi with a design to communicate this new style of dining to the broader public. Through the use of visual elements, which create the feel of openness, the identity reflects the new dining experience as an extension of the Manfredi brand. A holistic approach to the design has ensured the integrated creative delivered upon the client’s original brief.


“Frost*collective know us, and this space well and have delivered a name and identity that are on the mark.”
Julie Manfredi Hughes