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Make a Splash at Prince Alfred Park Pool

City of Sydney

Prince Alfred Park Pool

Brand and Communications Environments

As part of a long-standing relationship with City of Sydney, we created the identity and signage for its largest public works project in recent years – the newly refurbished Prince Alfred Park Pool.

An uplifting urban experience.
Philip Goad,
Professor of Architecture,
University of Melbourne

Our approach

The $20.5m revamp needed clear wayfinding and signage. The site’s colourful history as the home of Sydney’s seasonal circus gave us a theatrical heritage to tap into. Inside, we developed our design around this inspiration, using bright colours and a clear visual language designed for tri-generation swimmers.

Working with others

To contrast, our approach to the outside was restrained to align with Neeson Murcutt’s architectural language of integration with the natural landscape. The external signage is mirrored to reflect and blend with the trees and meadows – a subtle introduction to the pool, which is hidden from view by a pastoral panorama.

We experimented with materials and fabrication techniques to ensure our environmental graphics were integrated and not just ‘stuck on’. Hand-painted signs, kiln-fired tiles and stainless steel discs etched with the site’s sustainability initiatives can be seen around the site.

Dive in

Thank you to all our collaborators – the project would not have happened without your hard work.


Urbanite and PAPP in the press

The Monocle 100
Architecture Australia

Urbanite didn’t just show respect for the architectural design, they enhanced it.
Rachel Neeson,
Neeson Murcutt Architects
Urbanite cleverly integrated all signage into the architecture and surrounds so it performs its identity, wayfinding and communication functions in a polite and fresh manner.
Elizabeth Sandoval,
Senior Design Manager, City of Sydney