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Know Now, It’s Easy As.


Ending HIV by 2020

Brand and Communications

Project Background

Over the past three years, the scientific and other communities of interest in the HIV sector have broadly accepted that with a combination of a massive escalation in testing rates, earlier treatment and in the presence of a sustained safe sex culture, it is feasible to see the virtual elimination of HIV by 2020.

Since 2013 ACON has been leading the way in raising awareness and starting positive discussions to end HIV transmissions in NSW. ACON has taken on this challenge to educate and mobilise the community about HIV through the multi-phased Ending HIV campaign.


The opportunity existed to build upon the prior success in the Ending HIV campaign (developed by Frost* Design in 2013) and to encourage positive behavioural and attitudinal changes in the community towards HIV testing.

The Test More campaign is the first part of the Ending HIV equation and the third installment in the Ending HIV campaign. It focused primarily upon educating the target audience on the introduction of rapid HIV testing, removing misconceptions around previous testing experiences, and establishing new community practices to increase testing frequency. This installment is a critical step towards achieving ACON’s primary organisational objective to end HIV by 2020.

We were approached to develop a communications campaign, which would focus on the improvements to HIV testing and educating the community of the importance of testing more.


Campaign communications were created to express clearly and simply the key messages put forward by ACON and to help change the attitudes and misconceptions surrounding HIV testing.

We created an integrated campaign which cohesively links the earlier phases of the larger Ending HIV campaign, integrating the use of bold graphic language inspired by early 20th Century revolutionary posters. The key messages were addressed through the use of word-within-a-word headlines of “Easy As” and “Know Now” that were developed to reflect the ease of testing within the design. The design also integrated the use of bright orange to highlight the word-within-a-word, which was drawn from the brand colour of the rapid testing program and in effect created a direct link back to the call to action of the campaign.


The Test More campaign successfully reached and communicated its message to the target audience. Results from an independently conducted survey and shared by ACON regarding the campaign showed the following:

  • 82% recall of the advertisements among survey respondents (over 500 participants)
  • 75% respondents are more aware of rapid HIV testing as a result of the campaign
  • 63% more awareness of the importance of testing twice a year

The results also showed 41% of respondents sought further information by either visiting the Ending HIV website or social media channels and 28% were prompted to test more regularly for HIV. During the campaign there were:

  • 14500 visits to the Ending HIV website
  • 26000 views of the HIV testing video with 82% of viewers watching the entire video
  • 143247 average users reached by the campaign Facebook page and 3314 users engaged every week of the campaign