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Designing Outside the Box


Gateways installations


Goodman is a global commercial and industrial property business that owns, develops and manages properties through its international network, as well as providing fund management on a global basis. Founded in 1995, Goodman has grown to become the largest listed industrial property trust on the ASX, with operations spanning 16 countries across 33 cities in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, UK and the Americas.

Generating awareness

Our brief was to raise awareness of the Goodman brand to niche target audiences. To make it more visible in key markets, we focused on five high-profile Goodman locations that illustrate its diverse range of business sites.

Moving away from predictable solutions such as billboards, we went for something large-scale, to stand out and create talking points. We designed branded structures that would translate the brand values in an abstract rather than literal way.

Sculpting messages

Incorporating key brand elements (the square, the plus and the distinctive green) was paramount. Equally, as the chosen locations are entry points into Goodman estates, a sense of entry was a consideration; as well as the necessity of day and night visibility.

‘Gateway’ (Sydney, China) is a large gateway with an anamorphic floor graphic, designed to define a site’s entry, while ‘Giant Plus’ (M4/M7 interchange, Sydney) is a series of three plus-shaped sculptural forms derived from the Goodman brand mark and used to raise awareness of undeveloped land.

‘Kinetic Grasses’ (New Zealand, UK) is a sculptural form using poles to create a visual fence. The sculptures delineate the site’s boundary and incorporate the Goodman logo, which is revealed as you get closer, and dissolves as you pass.

Framing opportunity

All of the installations are modular, designed for re-use and transportation; and to work across languages and borders, crucial to this international company.

The designs suit diverse, global typologies and successfully communicate Goodman’s mantra of doing ‘business outside the square’.

Frost* collective and Goodman in the press:

Nominated: Graphic Design – Environmental, Sydney Design Awards, 2014

Our staff loves the installations. I think they appreciate the creativity and it makes them proud to work at Goodman.
Alison Brink,
Group GM Marketing & Communications,