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Designing heritage into a rebrand

Brewster Murray

Brewster Murray Rebrand

Brand and Communications

Celebrating Brewster Murray’s 70th birthday seemed like good timing to undertake a strategic repositioning and rebrand. This architecture, interior and urban space design company approached Frost* Design to design a new identity that could help build perceptions of the business as a contemporary, proactive and dynamic architectural solutions provider.


Frost* Design was approached to reposition the long established Brewster Murray brand with the objective of increasing its competitiveness. In a market that is seeing smaller, agile and responsive architectural practices flourish, the new corporate identity needed to communicate the business’ ethos of design and connection, while respecting its long-standing heritage.


The idea was to leverage the company’s attributes of agility, forward thinking and ambition while simultaneously positioning it as a practice that delivers things differently.


A single, multipurpose character aims to demonstrate the intelligent resourcefulness underpinning Brewster Murray’s work, simply and efficiently. By retaining the name as a word mark, the new brand identity offers healthy respect to a firm that has built its success since 1946.

Frost* Design’s use of a restrained three-colour palette and just two weights of a single typeface—Helvetica Neue—are consistent with the efficiencies built into the brand logo. Brand applications include stationery, business cards, posters, event signage and exhibition invites.


The attributes inherent in Brewster Murray’s 70 year history have been carefully considered in the design. Frost*Design has drawn out the company attributes of agility, forward thinking and ambition and uses these to anchor all communications. The result is an efficient brand system celebrating smart design solutions in the face of real world limitations.

“The result is progressive and dynamic. Frost* Design has created a new brand identity that articulates our ambition while communicating our authenticity and history.”
Michael Bullen, Director, Brewster Murray.