deFrost* talk #47 - Storytelling for Architecture / AIA - PRAXIS Fringe events

April 28th 2017

In an era that is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of storytelling, it’s critical that architects learn how to shift from industry jargon into meaningful and engaging narratives. So, how do we construct stories that keep the integrity of an architectural project but capture the audience’s imagination in an effective and evocative way?

Join Catriona Burgess, Strategy Director at Frost* Design and Maria Briganti, Environments Design Director at Urbanite, MC Penny Craswell, Founder of the Design Writer as they discuss the art of storytelling for architecture. In this powerful session, you will learn how strategists and designers distil architecture into identities and experiences, how to move from describing features into emotional benefits, the philosophy behind brands and the growing role of content and thought leadership.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about storytelling’s application to some Sydney’s most exciting, revolutionary and revitalising projects.

Date: Friday 5th of May from 7:00-9:00pm.

Location: 16 Eveleigh Street, Redfern 2016

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deFrost is part of the 2017 AIA - PRAXIS Fringe events and is officially sponsored by Adobe. We encourage you to join us early and enjoy a glass of wine thanks to Cat Amongst the Pigeons before and during the event.