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 Minh Hoang


Dedicated world championship gamer and award winning Vietnamese Phở taster. 

 Zion Wu


Has been a coffeeholic since the age of 5. 

Not many people can say his name correctly. 

Zion doesn’t like watermelon. 



Represented Australia in gymnastics in the 1996 World Gymnaestrada!

Can easily be bribed with anything of the aquatic nature, having been reincarnated as human, previously mermaid!

Often arrives to work with sand in her hair, on her feet or occasionally on the shoulder. 



Enjoys to wear different types of hats. 

Can be bribed with Swedish bulk candy (available at IKEA). 

 Jeffrey Burns


Has about 150 guitar pedals and has not yet tried to chain them all together.

Has been bribed with Thai Beef Salad and Corona. Also has been known to walk the extra block and half to get the good coffee.

He can weld bits of metal together. Metal \m/

 Andy Ewer


Volunteered for a week at a rescued elephant sanctuary in Thailand where he helped out with a fresh baby elephant.

Once caught a taxi halfway across Iran because there had been an earthquake which destroyed the city he was about to visit and flights were cancelled.

Has a dog called Noodle who is more popular than himself.