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 Zion Wu


Has been a coffeeholic since the age of 5. 

Not many people can say his name correctly. 

Zion doesn’t like watermelon. 

 Minh Hoang


Dedicated world championship gamer and award winning Vietnamese Phở taster. 





Is from the land of cider and accents with rolling “Rrrrs", the same birthplace as Banksy, Massive Attack and John Cleese.

Used to be in the beard brigade after growing it for 3 years, but has now finally freed his face of the furniture.

Was once in Western Myanmar (Burma) being teased about said beard by tribal ladies with tattooed faces, who couldn’t understand why western girls get their lower back tattooed but not their faces. 

 Andy Ewer


Volunteered for a week at a rescued elephant sanctuary in Thailand where he helped out with a fresh baby elephant.

Once caught a taxi halfway across Iran because there had been an earthquake which destroyed the city he was about to visit and flights were cancelled.

Has a dog called Noodle who is more popular than himself. 



Comes from the superior land of the long white cloud, where the pavlova was invented and a better rugby team was made. She grew up in Christchurch.

Enjoys chocolate so much she worked at a chocolate factory for a while. Molly basically was an oompa loompa.

Has a strange phobia of wooden spoons.