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November 9th 2016

Centennial Parklands

Online masterplan sets benchmark for sharing planning documents.

Centennial Parklands wanted to be able to share with the public a blueprint for Moore Park’s future which enhances its green spaces and revitalises it’s built space. With the Moore Park Master Plan 2040 setting Moore Park’s course for the next 150 years, there was an opportunity to activate this vision with an interactive concept.

The project provides a simple interface that allows people to discover and understand the improvements planned for Moore Park as it enters its 150th year. Preserving the green space and heritage, improving visitation, ensuring it has better connected access as well as the plan to create long-term sustainability were the guiding principles of the Plan that needed to be brought to life.

The project involved re-framing the Master Plan into key themes aligning most closely to community areas of interest. The project enlisted the strategic expertise of Frost* Design to structure the messaging and copy throughout the site which was developed by Nest. A key feature of the interactive map is the comprehensive walk-through of the Plan allowing users to discover future proposals for this important Centennial Parklands precinct.

The result is an innovative multimedia platform with high-quality visual articulation that allows direct engagement and involvement with communities and stakeholders. Information is arranged and highlighted by user groups’ interests, such as walkers and cyclists, and provides an overview of the Plan’s opportunity and impact on each user segment.